Lēva Living...

A Simpler, Better Way to Live

When the Swedes speak of “Lēva”, they communicate more than their wish to merely “live”. Their word projects an idyllic life of carefree comfort and convenience, exactly the sort of environment that Lēva Living will offer residents seeking the privacy of single-family dwellings, without the long term financial commitment of home ownership.

The Lēva Living approach to community living is an appealing blend of the best elements of private homes with the shared benefits of a communal residency: a world of secure, individualized living spaces, common areas that are anything but common, and the freedom to enjoy a life absent of the ordinary stress and expense associated with maintaining a detached home. With a design focus on wellness and the reduced stress that accompanies this lifestyle choice, Lēva Living sets the stage for relaxation, recreation, and community interaction.

For singles of all ages, young families wi th or without children, mature couples and pet lovers of all description, Lēva Living provides an ideal option for those seeking all that a single-family home offers with the sense of community that only a neighborhood can provide.

The Team Behind The Dream

An extraordinary project requires an extraordinary team and those charting a course for Lēva Living bring a combination of construction and development expertise.

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